Floridians Ticket To The Most Exclusive Car Collection

July 20, 2018

The grand opening of the Fort Lauderdale Auto Museum at Xtreme Action Park.
The grand opening of the Fort Lauderdale Auto Museum at Xtreme Action Park

Calling all enthusiasts of luxury real estate and vehicles. Look no further. Meet entrepreneur extraordinaire Michael Dezer, CEO of Dezer Development, Dezer Hotels and Dezer Properties. After 40 years in business, Dezer continues to add luxury vehicles to his growing empire. And he’s inviting the public in Florida to visit his latest car collection.

One of Dezer’s latest ventures is the grand opening of the Fort Lauderdale Auto Museum at Xtreme Action Park. Visitors can expect to see the most luxurious collections of vehicles that range from microcars to Vespa’s and even vehicles from famous blockbuster movies like James Bond and Back To The Future.

Why should visitors check out the Fort Lauderdale Museum at Xtreme Action Park? Dezer put it this way, “My collection is very unique. It’s the only one in the world that has the following: a collection of James Bonds vehicles, helicopters, submarines, motorcycles and memorabilia that goes all the way from 1963 in the first movie Dr. No all the way to the last movie. Nobody in the world has this. Now, we have over 100 cars from other movies like Back To The Future to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And they are the originals from the movies.”

Dezer's private collection on display at the Fort Lauderdale Auto Museum at Xtreme Action Park

Dezer’s fascination with vehicles goes back to when he was younger. He shared a special story of his beloved Vespas.[AR1]  His father purchased a Vespa for him when he was 16 years old which allowed him to travel across Europe with a group of friends before joining the army in Israel. Now, he proudly mentions he owns more Vespas than anyone else.

“I have the largest Vespa collection than any other individual in the world. I have about 100 of them. I have them all the way from 1947 to today. That’s a very unique collection. They are beautiful. The old ones are very difficult to find. Even in Italy they don’t have them anymore.”

Seems like everything he does becomes very successful. That includes his thriving real estate businesses. Dezer’s family business has partnered with many powerful names that include everyone from Giorgio Armani to the current President of the United States Donald Trump.

“In Miami, we got together with Donald Trump and we used his name like a franchise. And he became a good friend of mine. I was at his inauguration and the oval office, says Dezer.  “He’s a good friend.”

The successful association with Trump led Dezer to pursue business with other brands including Porsche. The Porsche Design Tower is among many other well-known real estate properties worked on by Dezer, including Trump Towers, Trump Grande and Residences by Armani/Casa. Dezer shares that one of the many unique amenities of his properties includes the car elevator at Porsche Design Tower.

“The specialty of the building is the car elevator that takes you all the way to your floor. It’s like having an apartment in the sky. In addition, a two-car garage in your apartment. You also have a private swimming pool,” says Dezer. “It was a real success and we sold 90% of the apartments in six months. Everything is beautiful. We invented the self-elevator where the cars go up in the elevator. And we are calling it The Dezerator.”

In our exclusive conversation, Michael Dezer reveals how his life changed after he moved from his native country of Israel to the United States of America. At just 21 years old, Dezer finished work in the Israeli army and told his father that he wanted to go to America to study in the land of opportunity. “And I came and that is what happened.” As a result, he went to college at night and worked during the day on Madison Avenue where he landed a position as an assistant to an agency.

Dezer explains, there he had many clients from magazines, newspapers, radio and television. Then he went to work on the client’s side of marketing and advertising. Eventually, he opened his own direct marketing company. In the 1970s, was the time Dezer purchased his first real estate property, the start of a successful real estate empire of today.

When asked if there was any piece of advice he would give aspiring entrepreneurs, Dezer says this: “Don’t be afraid to work hard, hard, hard. Be honest and don’t lie because you are going to get caught in your lies. And nobody is going to want to talk to you. So be honest, work hard, stick to the mission and you are going to make it. Most people after a while they lost their steam. And that’s a mistake, because you never know when you are going to take off. And if you push, push, push at the end you will.”

Staff Writer: Jeannette Ceja, Luxuria Lifestyle Florida

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